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Beechcraft 1900:

The Beech 1900 Airliner is clearly the most effective 19 passenger airliner in the world. It offers the best operating value, the best dispatch reliability, the lowest number of maintenance hours per flight hour, unsurpassed seat mile costs, excellent parts support and superior long-term value retention.

Offering a true stand up cabin of 1,8m (*1900D) and an extra generous cabin volume which allows a range of cabin configurations including a 19 passenger seat airliner, it is an efficient freight carrier or combi and a 12-place triple club corporate flagship. No other aircraft in its class can carry so much, so far, so fast.


Range: 1,425 nm

Speed: 256 kts


Embraer 120:

By 1994, the most popular regional aircraft in the world. With its super critical wing and pressurized cabin, the 30-seat Brasilia set new standards for commuter aircraft when it entered commercial service in 1985. A success, first in the USA, the airplane also became the mainstay of fleets of airlines in Australia and the south Pacific. 352 Brasilias were built and delivered to 33 operators before production ended.


Engines: 118B

Range: 1,475 nm

Speed: 288 kts


Embraer 145:

The largest member of the family, the ERJ145 brings the versatility needed for building a regional network. It can be deployed to replace turboprops, develop new markets, right-size capacity and increase frequency. Flying faster and farther with an ERJ allows it to reach destinations and markets to be served sooner and  more frequently. A door with integrated airstairs is ideal for airlines serving airports with limited ground support infrastructure. The Rolls-Royce AE3007 engines are designed to simplify maintenance and inspection intervals coincide with aircraft A & C checks.


Engines: AE3007A1

Range:  1,509 nm

Speed:  488kts


Learjet 35:

FlyAwesome deploys Learjets into special mission contracts.  Special mission jets are available for Aeromedical, High Altitude Photography and Military Radar Tracking applications.


Learjet 35:

Range: 1,650 nm with IFR reserves

Speed: 458 kts